Short Stories

Short storiesShort Stories

Mary Grant Bruce wrote lots of short stories.  She had a long career in journalism, before and after the publishing of her first books.  She was a better short-story writer than she was a novelist, according to her son, Jon.  About 300 such works were published, many for children and others for adults.  Some fall readily into identifiable groups or themes, but many do not.

African Jungle Stories                          Melbourne Cup Adventures

Animal Husbandry                               St Patrick’s Day Tales

Australian Christmas Tales                 Travel Stories

Autobiographical                                 Other Leader Stories

Horse Racing                                        Miscellaneous


Some of the stories have been republished in Mary Grant Bruce’s anthologies.

This page doesn’t link to all of Mary Grant Bruce’s short stories.  That’s because there is no complete list of them, so far as we are aware.  If you know of others that we have missed, please tell us about them!

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