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Other Stories from The Leader

This table shows displays stories and articles which appeared in The Leader newspaper which are not listed elsewhere in this site among the Anthologies and the other Short Stories pages.

The table is not necessarily complete.  If you can supply and prove additional information for them, please do contact us so that we can improve this page.

A Back Blocks ElectionTales & Sketches1901
A Boy Hero -- A Story of the Egyptian CampaignThe Children's Column1901
A Burglar of the BushTales & Sketches1902
A Dairy Farmer's ExperienceTales & Sketches1913
A Daughter of the SoilTales & Sketches1907
A Dead Garden1904
A Famous Property: The Heyfield EstateTales & Sketches1899
A PessimistTales & Sketches1904
A Queer PlaymateThe Children's Column1901
A Useless BruteThe Children's Column1901
A Wilful WomanChristmas Supplement1903
An Australian Show Day
Australia -- The Land of OpportunitySupplement1914
Carson’s JockeyTales & Sketches1911
DerelictsTales & Sketches1902
Gardens in BoxesThe Children's Column1902
Heverarriet: A Maiden of To-DayTales & Sketches1901
In a Strange LandTales & Sketches1906
In Friendship's NameTales & Sketches1902
Mushrooming with MollyTales & Sketches1899
My First ShowTales & Sketches1905
Not According to Etiquette1904
Picnicking to Ballarat1902
Reading the ListThe Children's Column1901
Some Homely Reminiscences of Our Late QueenThe Children's Column1901
The BodyguardTales & Sketches1909
The Children's Matinee
The Cure of J.T. TompkinsTales & Sketches1904
The Girl and the BurglarTales & Sketches1908
The South-Street Competitions1904
The Vineyard of NabothTales & Sketches1910
Through the DarknessThe Children's Column1901
Told in a DreamTales & Sketches1904
What the Pipes SaidTales & Sketches1906
When the Dawn CameTales & Sketches1905
When the Fire Came

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Mary Grant Bruce’s short stories are under copyright owned by the Mary Grant Bruce Family Trust.

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