Norah Linton mustering at Billabong StationWelcome!

Mary Grant Bruce was a much-loved author of Australian children’s books.  The best known of her creations is Billabong, the cattle station where Norah Linton grew up.  It formed the setting for 15 books commencing with A Little Bush Maid, first published in book form in 1910.  It has rarely been out of print since then.

This site has several pages of biographical information.  It also aims to give a tour through all of Mary’s written works.  There’s a page for each book.

Mary Grant Bruce also wrote a lot of short stories.  We (her family) have tried listing them all here as well.  Some of her short stories have been collected into books and audiobooks of their own, and you’ll find details of those in our anthologies section.

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If you want to find out more about the places and people that gave Mary the inspirations for ‘Billabong’ and a lot of her other stories, we recommend reading The Whittakers Story, which first came on sale on 1st February 2021.


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