Popular Mary Grant Bruce

Popular Mary Grant Bruce

Billabong's Author the Mary Grant Bruce biography

Mary Grant Bruce was so popular that she even sold her autographs!  She did so at charity auctions while  working for the AIF Women’s Association during World War II.  Mary also presented almost 200 patriotic talks on the ABC and other radio stations over 1939-42.

Mary Grant Bruce was the best-selling Australian children’s author from 1915 to the mid-1950s.  Over three million of her books sold during her lifetime.  She was enormously popular with children.  They often inundated her when she was signing copies of her books at schools and libraries.

After George Bruce died in 1949, Mary decided to move to England.  She lived there until she died in July 1958.  Her son, Jonathan, and four grandchildren survived her.  Mary’s works continue to be read around the world, and they make it a better place.  Her most popular work is A Little Bush Maid, which was her first book.

Mary has two biographies, both of which are now out of print.  They are Billabong’s Author, by Alison Alexander (Angus and Robertson, 1979); and Seven Little Billabongs, by Brenda Niall, (Melbourne University Press, 1979).  More information about Mary and her wider family can be found in The Whittakers Story, which is sold here.

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