Some Mary Grant Bruce novelsNovels

All of Mary Grant Bruce’s published novels are listed on this page.

The Billabong Books

1.   A Little Bush Maid                                9.  Billabong Adventurers
2.   Mates At Billabong                             10.  Bill of Billabong
3.   Norah of Billabong                             11.  Billabong’s Luck
4.   From Billabong To London                12.  Wings Above Billabong
5.   Jim and Wally                                      13.  Billabong Gold
6.   Captain Jim                                          14.  Son of Billabong
7.   Back to Billabong                                15.  Billabong Riders
8.   Billabong’s Daughter

Circus Series

Road to Adventure                                     Circus Ring

Dick’s Series

Dick                                                              Dick Lester of Kurrajong

Peter’s Series

Told By Peter                                              Peter & Co.

Other Novels

Anderson’s Jo                                             Seahawk
Glen Eyre                                                    The Cousin from Town
Golden Fiddles                                           The Happy Traveller
Gray’s Hollow                                             The Houses of the Eagle
Hugh Stanford’s Luck                                The Stone Axe of Burkamukk
Karalta                                                        The Tower Rooms
‘Possum                                                      The Twins of Emu Plains
Robin                                                          Timothy in Bushland
Rossiter’s Farm

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