Travel Stories

International travel was well beyond the means of many Australians in the first half of the twentieth century, and Mary Grant Bruce was able to contribute some information, and some humour, about her own travels when she was fortunate enough to have them.

A Riviera Afternoon, published in Woman’s World, March 1930
A Riviera Morn, published in Woman’s World, February 1930
Brittany Holiday
Isis on the Rocks in the Riviera Hinterland, published in The Argus, 1929
London After Two Years, published in The Leader, 1917
London As It Is, published in The Register (Adelaide), 24 March 1917
Rickshaw “Boys” of Durban, published in The Leader, 2 January 1915
Vagabonds Abroad
When We Froze, published in Woman’s World, May 1929


Mary Grant Bruce’s short stories are under copyright owned by the Mary Grant Bruce Family Trust.

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