African Jungle Stories

Norah Linton at the circus in A Little Bush Maid.  Painting by John Lennox.African Jungle Stories

A Story of the Jungle
Bomba the Brave
Dub and the Pot
Fighters of the Jungle
Kuru and Mylo
Son of the Gorillas
The Baboon Who Laughed Last
The Elephant King’s Toothache
The Island That Ran Away
The Jewel-Hearted Monkey
The Little Friend of Man
The Monkey Who Dared
The Mouse With Brains
The Prudent Porcupine
The Tale of the Happy Wart-Hogs


These delightful stories were broadcast by BBC Radio in the 1930s.  A Story of the Jungle had already been published in Woman’s World in October 1925.


Mary Grant Bruce’s short stories are under copyright owned by the Mary Grant Bruce Family Trust.


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