Timothy in Bushland

Timothy in Bushland by Mary Grant BruceTimothy in Bushland

This engaging book is based on a serial that Mary Grant Bruce had written for The Leader, and is aimed at younger children.  It tells the story of Timothy, a little boy who walks through the bush at night and finds that the animals there are able to talk.

Timothy’s father is poor, and must sell the family farm.  As well as the many real Australian animals, there is a Bunyip who is the King of Bushland, and who, at the end, provides the gold that saves the family’s financial problems.

Timothy in Bushland would lend itself to animation for a television production or short film, or perhaps a part-animation like Yoram Gross’s excellent 1977 screen adaptation of Dot and the Kangaroo, which was written by Ethel C. Pedley in 1899.


This book is under copyright owned by the Mary Grant Bruce Family Trust.

First Published in: 1912
First Publisher: Ward, Lock & Co. Limited
Places First Published: London, Melbourne and Toronto

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