Told by Peter

Told by PeterTold by Peter by Mary Grant Bruce

Told by Peter is the story of a boy on ‘Weeroona’, a Hereford cattle-station in New South Wales, and his efforts to catch “crooks” who are trying to harm one of his friends.

Peter Forsyth and his sister Binkie, Peter’s friend Clem Hardy and Binkie’s governess, Miss Tarrant (she’s 23) share the adventures.

The Dickson family, who live nearby at a small dairy farm, are very poor.  Their only child, five-year-old Timmy, gets lost in the scrub and the whole district turns out to help find him.  Then a Gypsy Moth aeroplane crash-lands in their home paddock, killing two of their only three cows.  Can things get any worse for them?  The pilot, a Mr Garfield, survives the crash and he sets about putting things right with help from Peter and the others.

Then Harold Mount, a somewhat unpleasant Englishman, comes to stay at ‘Weeroona’.  He and Mervyn Smedley, another Englishman who is a relative of Clem’s (on his late mother’s side), are up to something.  They take the boys on a sea cruise on Mount’s boat, Lovely Lou.  The boys are in danger . . .

The Trustee of The Mary Grant Bruce Family Trust owns the extant copyrights to this story.

First Published in: 1938
First Publisher: Ward, Lock & Co. Limited
Places First Published: London and Melbourne

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