Hugh Stanford’s Luck

Hugh Stanford’s Luck by Mary Grant BruceHugh Stanford’s Luck

Hugh Stanford’s Luck is about a tea planter’s son from Ceylon whose father dies.  So he comes to ‘Kallowra’, a station in north-western Victoria, to live with his Uncle Robert, Aunt Ursula.  And with their four children: George, the eldest; Harry (13), Joan (12) and Mervyn (6).  Hugh is 13 years old and has a lame leg.  The story shows how disabilities can be overcome by courage and fortitude.

Mary Grant Bruce was no stranger to these matters.  Isabel, her sister, had disabilities from birth.

‘The sound of galloping hoofs was heard, and in a moment two figures came into view, racing towards them.

“Those youngsters!”, exclaimed Mr Stanford.

His wife did not look surprised.

“Did you think they would be able to restrain themselves until we reached home?”  she asked, laughing.  “I have been wondering when they would appear.”  She leaned forward, her delicate face flushing.

“Is it—?” Hugh asked, suddenly nervous.

“It’s Harry and Joan.  They are always together—and generally in mischief.”  She waved delightedly as the pair dashed up: a boy and girl, very like each other, dark and handsome, with merry, confident eyes.

“Hallo, everybody!  You all right, Mother?  Hallo, Hugh!” ‘

The Trustee of The Mary Grant Bruce Family owns the extant copyrights to this story.

First Published in: 1925
First Publisher: Cornstalk Publishing Company
Places First Published: Sydney

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