Billabong’s Luck

Billabong's LuckBillabong’s Luck

In Billabong’s Luck, the Rainham’s property next to ‘Billabong’ is not doing well.  Bob and Tommy worry about their money situation.  Tommy, doing her best to keep positive and cheerful, sells her car to help pay the mortgage.

The Lintons are worried for their friends too and, as a diversion from his woes, take Bob out to muster their combined young cattle in from the back blocks to fatten them up on the grasslands.  Bob, investigating a rough patch of scrub, slips down a cleft in the rocks.  Happily, Bill is nearby and comes to his rescue.


That night, Bob shows the men his find from the fall—gold-bearing stones!

“. . . I want your advice.  What would you say that was, Jim?”

Bob held out something on the palm of his hand.  A little pebble, apparently.  But one corner of it caught the light, and there a dull gleam showed.

Jim took it from him without speaking.  On the writing-table was a high-powered lamp; he sat down before it, turned it on, removed the shade, and studied the pebble intently.  Then he opened a drawer, took out a magnifying-glass, and with it scanned every angle, turning it over and over, weighing it on his palm.  Bob stood near, watching the deliberate movements.  He liked to see them; they were characteristic of Jim, who never jumped hastily to conclusions.

The deep voice came at last.  Jim swung round in his chair.

“Gold, all right.  Where did you find it, old man? . . .

Suddenly there is hope for a brighter future, though plans to peg and claim rights to the area are initially thwarted by a rogue fossicker hell bent on getting there first.  Further inspection of the site reveals a fascinating and elaborate underground cave system and the gold find proves positive . . . the mining of which will need planning, hard work and secrecy.

The Trustee of The Mary Grant Bruce Family Trust owns the extant copyrights to this story.

First Published in: 1933
First Publisher: Ward, Lock & Co. Limited
places First Published: London and Melbourne

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