Norah and David Linton in A Little Bush Maid.  Painting by John Lennox.Serials

Several of Mary Grant Bruce’s longer stories were published in serial form, mainly in The Leader, the weekend newspaper from Melbourne which was at that time the counterpart to The Age which ran only from Monday to Friday.  Ten of these serials were also published as books, sometimes with substantial re-writing, and A New Year’s Dawn was the basis for a story 33 years later in the prestigious Blackwood’s Magazine.








Serial stories written by Mary Grant Bruce and published in The Leader newspaper
TitleSectionFirst IssueFinal IssueRepublished as
The Children's Column12 October 19011 November 1902Not republished
The Adventures of Timothy
The Children's Column
10 January 190319 December 1903Timothy in Bushland (1912)
A New Year's Dawn
Tales and Sketches
2 January 190416 January 1904A Rider of the Sixties (1937)
The Interlopers
The Children's Column
23 January 190412 October 1905Gray’s Hollow (1914)
A Little Bush Maid
The Children's Column
7 October 190517 August 1907A Little Bush Maid (1910)
The Children's Column
7 March 19086 March 1909Dick (part) (1918)
Dick's Schooldays
The Children's Column
24 July 190922 October 1910Dick (part) (1918)
Mates at Billabong
The Children's Column
28 January 19117 September 1912Mates at Billabong (1911)
Glen Eyre
Tales and Sketches
23 March 19123 August 1912Glen Eyre (1912)
Norah of Billabong
Tales and Sketches
To be advisedTo be advisedNorah of Billabong (1913)
From Billabong to the War
Tales and Sketches
2 October 19151916From Billabong to London (1915)
Jim and Wally
Tales and Sketches
2 September 19161917Jim and Wally (1916)

Note: we have shown here only “substantial” serials, meaning they run over at least three issues or were far longer than Mary’s other, shorter, stories.  Quite a few of the works listed in our Short Stories section actually run over two issues in their periodical of publication.

Another serial, which has not yet been republished, is Wing Ho, of China.  It appeared in issues of Woman’s World from March to October 1926.


Mary Grant Bruce’s works listed on this page are under copyright owned by the Mary Grant Bruce Family Trust.

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