Port After Stormie Seas

Port After Stormie Seas

This is a partly fictionalised account of the true story about how Mary Grant Bruce’s grandmother, Louisa Ann Grant (later Whittakers) and her aunt, Miss Martha Louisa Moore, came to live in Australia.

Martha was an outstanding woman of great spirit, who took her orphaned nieces, Louisa and “Anne” (really Mary) from uncongenial relatives in Edinburgh and emigrated with them to Sydney in 1836.  There, in what is now Woollahra, she founded Moore Hall, Australia’s first girls’ school.

Port After Stormie Seas is probably Mary Grant Bruce’s finest work.  It aroused enough interest when it was published for the author to send it off to Alexander Korda in the hope, unfortunately unfulfilled, that he might direct a film of it.  Forty-five years later, it was serialised in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s morning book reading on Radio National in November 1983.


Port After Stormie Seas is under copyright owned by the Mary Grant Bruce Family Trust.

First Published in: May 1938
First Publication: Blackwood’s Magazine
Place First Published: Edinburgh

This story was republished in The Peculiar Honeymoon.


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